Barber Launches ‘Superhero’ Group to Help Give Kids With Autism Haircuts

You might remember our story about hairdresser James Williams, who was photographed getting on the floor to help a boy with autism feel comfortable during a haircut in November. Williams, based in Wales, wrote on his Facebook page that he was merely trying to figure out how to cut his young client’s hair without upsetting him. The story went viral, and since then Williams has been approached by a number of parents of kids on the spectrum looking for help with haircuts.

Image courtesy of James Williams

Williams told The Mighty he opens his shop every Sunday for children with autism, but he wanted to do more, so he teamed up with several other barbers in the U.K. to launch the Autism Barbers Assemble group. Their mission is simple. “We go by the ‘ABA TEAM’ as superhero barbers to help children on the autism spectrum get past the fear of a haircut,” Williams told The Mighty.

Autism Barbers Assemble
Image courtesy of James Williams

So how does Williams get the job done? He says it’s a simply a combination of being patient and getting to know his customers. Last week he posted a video with Seb, a boy with autism. “It’s his first visit to my barbershop and this is where I will hope to get a breakthrough and show how I work with children on the spectrum,” Williams wrote on his Jim The Trim Facebook page.

First session on live stream with Seb who is on the autistic spectrum, it’s his first visit to my barbershop and this is where I will hope to get a breakthrough and show how I work with children on the spectrum and to show how they respond and act 🙂 Davie Walker Chris Moon Anthony Copeland Rhys GreenJac Ludlow Pat BarryTyra Leanne Grundy Eric Begg Alan Beak Lynndy Rolfe Scott Michaels Gareth D Clark Srb Gary Cox Srb

Posted by James Williams on Sunday, February 28, 2016


Autism Barbers Assemble will host their first event in Paisley, Scotland, and they are eventually hoping to bring their team to the United States.

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