This Simple Comic Shuts Down the Question 'How Can You Have Depression If..?'

If anyone’s ever questioned your “right” to have depression, Ruby has a simple, yet strong answer that explains it all. The self-taught comic from London posted the image on her Tumblr a few years ago, but it couldn’t be more true now:

A boy asked a girl, "But how can someone have depression if?" The girl puts her hand over the boys mouth. Text read in big red letters, "STOP." Then, the following is listed: "Mental illness can affect anyone. It does not discriminate. Don't invalidate the genuine experience of others because you feel their personal circumstances don't warrant it. It's not logical, it's an illness. Duh!!"
via Rubyetc

The comic shows a girl covering a boy’s mouth after he asks the question, “But how can someone have depression if…” But what’s even more powerful is the message that follows:

  • Mental illness can affect anyone
  • It does not discriminate
  • Don’t invalidate the genuine experience of others because you feel their personal circumstances don’t warrant it.
  • Don’t try to question it with logic because it’s not logical, it’s an illness.

And (probably the most poignant point):

  • Duh!!

Under the comic on her Tumblr page, Ruby wrote, “Most people have a hard time accepting what they are going through is valid to begin with. Don’t add to that insecurity.”

To see more from Ruby, like her Facebook page, Rubyetc.

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