Moms and Midwives Pose for Cheeky Calendar to Raise Down Syndrome Awareness

A new calendar featuring two babies with Down syndrome is creating quite a stir.

Miracle in Progress, a pregnancy and scanning clinic in Leicestershire, England, recruited babies Eliza, 8 months, and Jorja, 14 months, along with their mothers and a handful of midwives to participate in the calendar shoot, which will help raise funds for the U.K.-based Down’s Syndrome Association.

In one of the shots, the ladies — and the babies — go completely nude, and in another the midwives show off their wild socks, part of a growing campaign to raise Down syndrome awareness. In other photos, both the women and the babies strike a handful of cheeky and cute poses.

Jorja and Eliza Pose for the Miracle in Progress Charity Calendar
Image courtesy of Jules Photography / Miracle in Progress
Woman Pose with Lots of Socks Brand Socks to Raise Awareness for Down Syndrome
Image courtesy of Jules Photography / Miracle in Progress
Jorja Poses With a Stuffed Animal
Image courtesy of Jules Photography / Miracle in Progress

Joanna Proud, the director of Miracle in Progress, told The Mighty the group spent a day with photographer Julie Moult, whose studio Jules Photography frequently works with the company.

“We laughed so much, and the babies loved it,” Proud said of the shoot. “Julie was amazing, and she even edited the calendar in just 12 hours, as we wanted it ready for Down syndrome awareness week.”

Proud has been a midwife for 12 years, and after caring for Jorja and Eliza’s mothers during their pregnancies, she said she wanted to find a way to give back. “I thought the Down’s Syndrome Association would be a great cause,” she told The Mighty. “They help families and people with Down syndrome live full and rewarding lives, and they give support and education to new parents of babies with Down syndrome. It’s really important that we help out charities like this.”

Eliza and Jorja Pose for Miracles in Progress' Charity Calendar
Image courtesy of Jules Photography / Miracle in Progress
Eliza Poses For Miracle in Progress' Charity Down Syndrome Calendar
Image courtesy of Jules Photography / Miracle in Progress
Jorja and Her Mother Julie Pose for Miracle in Progress' Down Syndrome Awareness Calendar
Image courtesy of Jules Photography / Miracle in Progress

Jorja’s mother, Julia Newton Winfield, revealed that she was devastated after learning about her daughter’s diagnosis. “I didn’t deal with it well,” she told the Daily Mail. “I adored her from the moment she was born… but I couldn’t say the words [Down syndrome] without bursting into tears… The only thing holding Jorja back is us, and we are not going to do that. I hope people see the photograph and think what a lovely girl she is and how proud we are of her. She is absolutely amazing and by doing this picture we are saying [Down syndrome] shouldn’t be a taboo or a hidden subject.”

Jorja and Eliza Pose for Miracle in Progress' Calendar
Image courtesy of Jules Photography / Miracle in Progress
Babies and Midwives Pose for Miracle in Progress' Calendar
Image courtesy of Jules Photography / Miracle in Progress

Proud added to The Daily Mail: “As midwives, we are not exactly shy of the human body but taking your clothes off for a photograph was daunting. We were worrying about our stretch marks and tan lines, and then you see Eliza and Jorja and those concerns are put into perspective.”

For more information, visit the Miracle in Progress website and be sure to check out Jules Photography on Facebook and the web as well.

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