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'Glee' Star Plays Lead Role in Film About Intimacy and Down Syndrome

“Guest Room” is an award-winning short narrative film that focuses on the relationship between a young couple with Down syndrome and the complications that develop after a surprise pregnancy.

Lauren Potter, from “Glee,” stars as Amber, and Michael Iovine plays her boyfriend Daniel. The 13-minute film follows their journey from the bedroom to the moment of truth where Amber takes a pregnancy test.

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“Guest Room” won the audience award at the Dances With Films festival, and it was a 2015 nominee for the SXSW Grand Jury Award. You can watch it below or on the Short of the Week website, where it is currently a featured selection.

Director Joshua Tate already has plans to make a sequel to “Guest Room” called “College Girl,” according to the film’s website.


h/t Saving Down Syndrome

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