Photographer Captures Precious Images of Identical Twins With Down Syndrome

Photographer Laura Duggleby, based in Topeka, Kansas, recently had the opportunity to do a portrait shoot for a woman named Nicole, who has identical twin girls with Down syndrome, Blakeley and Brynnlee. The odds of identical twins being born with Down syndrome is approximately one or two in a million.

Nicole told Duggleby that she “cried and cried and consulted family for support” after both her unborn children were diagnosed. But she now believes the challenges of raising twins with Down syndrome have made her a better person, and she “wouldn’t change it for the world.

Photo of two baby twins with Down syndrome, laying on a soft pink blanket.

Black and white photo of the twins with Down syndrome laying on a blanket.

The twins with Down syndrome suck on binkies.

A baby with Down syndrome lays on a blanket.

Nicole also opened up about some of her fears. She told Duggleby she’s worried about them being teased and about the possibility that they may not be able to live on their own. She’s thankful for an amazing support network of family, friends and the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City.

“I feel so honored to have met Nicole and get a glimpse of this beautiful, yet hard journey she is on,” Duggleby wrote on her website. “I love her tenacious spirit to fight for her girls with all her might and love them fiercely as they deserve.”

A baby with Down syndrome laying on her back on a pink blanket.

A close up of the twin's feet.

“I feel as if so much of the bad gets out in the media, and yet there is not enough shown on the love that is being spread and the sacrifices people are making on the daily,” Duggleby told The Mighty in an email. “I truly long for people to feel valued, loved and appreciated for what they are doing! ”

Twins with Down syndrome.

A baby with Down syndrome laying on her back.

All images courtesy of Laura Duggleby

For more photos, visit Laura Duggleby on the web and Facebook.

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