Video Gives Intimate Look at Autistic Brother’s Life in Assisted Care Facility

short video recently released by Autism Speaks takes an intimate look at the relationship between two brothers, and one’s experience in an adult assisted care facility.

Author Eli Gottlieb, best known for his book “Best Boy,” became the guardian of his older brother Josh, now 60, when their parents passed away. Josh, who’s on the autism spectrum, has a “profound anxiety disorder, perseverates constantly”  and requires direct care staff.

Aging with autism: A brother’s storyA look inside the relationship between two adult brothers, one on the autism spectrum, who grew up at a time when very little was know about autism…

Posted by Autism Speaks on Saturday, March 5, 2016


While Josh and his family are content with the care he’s receiving, Eli points out a number of problems with the system designed to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“The world of the adult individual with autism is sorely underrepresented, both at the policy level, federally and state, and most of all, in general,” Eli, who’s written on this topic in the New York Times, says in the video above. “It’s just not talked about. My brother is lucky. He’s in a beautiful place with a great fit and he’s happy.”

Eli cites turnover as an issue, which he believes is a direct result low salaries of direct care staff. He also notes that the waiting lists are a problem, along with the shift of family funding from federal to state once people with special needs are over the age of 21.

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