Learn How to Perfectly Cover Your Depression With This Makeup Tutorial

You wake up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, comb your hair and then cover up your blemishes using your favorite shades, Denial and Emotional Repression… right?

Well, you shouldn’t have to. But for the 16 million American adults who experience at least one depressive episode a year, this can be the reality when you’re trying to “pass” or cover up your mental illness.

In a video by YouTuber Amy Geliebter, she shows what it can be like living with depression in a society full of stigma, using a makeup tutorial with lines like, “First start with priming your face with a nice, thick coat of chemical imbalance” and “For our eyes, we’re going to be using the shade, ‘just be happy’ for our base.”

It’s hilarious… but also too real.

Check out the video below:

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