5 Things I Want Everyone to Know for Autism Awareness Month

Hi Everyone! This is Andrew Levin, Production Intern at The Mighty. In honor of Autism Awareness Month, here are 5 things I want everyone to know about autism.

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Jim Lichtenstein's Act of Kindness for My Son With Autism Made Me Want to Cry

The Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village complex in Dearborn, Michigan, has been a large part of the growth of my son with autism. When CBS started producing a show there, my son and I were excited. I started stalking @cbsinnovationtv on Instagram. We enjoyed looking at behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram and watching the show. Perhaps someday we’d get a [...]

To Those Who May Question Why We Try Therapies for Our Son With Autism

I love the autism community. I love the passion, enthusiasm and commitment parents, caregivers and therapists have for the children and adults on the spectrum. However, I find that same community can be a much-divided one, too. Pick an issue and there seem to be two opposing sides. ABA therapy is good, ABA therapy is bad. A biomedical approach [...]

For the People Afraid to Ask Questions About My Child With Disabilities

I recently had a friend tell me she was not sure it was OK to ask me questions about my child who has multiple disabilities. In fact, she told me she wasn’t even sure the right questions to ask to begin with. And it got me thinking… When we see something we don’t understand or is different [...]

Keira Meikus Gives Speech About Autism on School's Morning Annoucements

Last week, Keira Meikus, a 9-year-old at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School in Homewood, Alabama, used her school’s morning announcements to make a powerful statement about autism for Autism Awareness Month. “I can’t speak for everyone who has autism,” she says in her speech (below), but I’m sure most want what every typical person [...]