3 Ways Having a Disability Positively Influences My Life

The world often associates disabilities with sentiments of pity or negativity. Society conditions people to think we are somehow “damaged” or incapable of leading a normal, fruitful life because we may not do everyday tasks quite the same as others. I’d like to think living life a bit differently has made me more aware of the world surrounding me. I know there are people with disabilities out there who feel “stuck,” and I feel my purpose on this planet is to help get them away from the wrongly imposed assumption that they can’t achieve their dreams. Sure, a disability may not be ideal and may come with negative setbacks. However, I feel that having a disability has positively influenced my life in three major ways.

Molly's college graduation day! Determination conquers all. 1. Instills determination.

Dealing with cerebral palsy has instilled a lot of determination into my daily life. I have had to gradually learn to push through physical and emotional pain and persevere in order to make life a positive experience. I don’t ever give up, and I tell others to do the same. Pursue everything you can dream of, because life is full of opportunity, and opportunity doesn’t discriminate. You are not your disability. Drive and determination are the key to success. The way I define success is simply trying, and the right attitude can carry you such a long way.

2. Gives me a tougher skin.

Coping with my disability has slowly given me a tougher skin. I am a very sensitive person in some respects, and I feel rejection much more strongly than others because I dealt with a lot of it growing up. I have become tougher through the years, and I have developed a deeper compassion for those around me. My passion is helping others grab onto their talents and become fulfilled individuals. I have not yet arrived at my full potential, but I’m going to keep working to get myself there.

3. Helps me appreciate life.

Life with a disability has taught me to appreciate simplicity and not sweat the small stuff. I’ve battled depression in the past, because I have tried to be something I wasn’t. I was once focused on being a people pleaser, but living that way can destroy your life. Going through that trial taught me what kind of person I could be. I realized I hold the power to decide which direction life takes me. We all have that power within us. We can choose to make life more complicated than it has to be, or we can choose to live simply. We can let life and our disabilities define us, or we can define ourselves. Which will you choose? The choice is yours to make.

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