What the Person Who Commented on My Son's Lack of Speech Didn't Know

brothers smiling with bug hats on
My boys

I’m sure you didn’t know who I was, sitting in front of you watching my two littlest guys. They were singing songs about bugs for an end of the year kindergarten performance.

I’m sure you didn’t know that was my youngest son on the end, smiling as he played with his pipe cleaner “tentacles.”

I’m sure you didn’t know I heard your comment when you said, “That boy on the end isn’t even singing!”

I’m sure you didn’t know that while I proudly watched both my boys, the comment stung.

I’m sure you didn’t know that he is on the autism spectrum and is predominantly nonverbal due to speech apraxia, even though his aide sat next to him.

I’m sure you didn’t know how many hours my little guy has spent in speech to be able to vocalize the words he does today. (Two to three days a week, an hour at a time for the past three and a half years.)

I’m sure you didn’t know how many nights all six kids and myself piled on my bed practicing these songs with him.

I’m sure you didn’t know how he would hand us the papers with the lyrics on them and smile as we sang them with/to him.

I’m sure you didn’t know how we worried if he would even be able to stand with his classmates and be a part of the performance, since he had melted down during practices.

I’m sure you didn’t know my heart was exploding with pride that day to see both my little guys on that stage, “singing” their bug songs in their own unique way.

I’m sure you didn’t know that while that boy on the end may not have looked to you as if he was singing, in my eyes, he was making beautiful music.

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