Dear Depression: You Won the Battle, but You Will Not Win the War

Dear Depression,

You and I have been around the block a couple of times together. We know each other. You know me. You know just the right things to say to cripple me for days on end. You know my fears, my insecurities, my hopes and my dreams. You shadow my memories. You know the tender, fragile bits of my soul prone to bruise. You see the scars you have inflicted on me and you relish in them. You know my weaknesses. Well, guess what?

I know yours, too.

I know you tremble in the face of a loving word or a kind friend. I know you strike at the heart of my sense of worth. I know how much you want to undermine, negate, invalidate and sabotage my most precious relationships.

I know you’re a liar. I know that’s all you have. Lies. I know how much you fear the truth. So, here’s some truth for you: I am stronger than you. You may have won your share of battles, but you will lose the war. You will not rob me of my life. You cannot steal from me what is most valuable.

You may take my peace of mind, my sense of security, my independence, even my dignity, but you will never rob me of my most powerful ally: those who love me most. Against them, against the force of their love, you shatter. You crumble. You are defeated.

With their love, I am stronger. I will not crumble. I will not be defeated. I learn to love myself in spite of your attempts to persuade me otherwise. So depression, you should be scared of me. Because I’m not scared of you.


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