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When I Say I'm in Recovery From a Mental Illness

I am not saying I am cured, I’m saying I survived.

I am not saying I am sick, I’m saying I know what that feels like.

I am not saying I’m any less than amazing, I’m saying I’m equal.

I am not warning you about myself, I am educating you about my circumstances.

I am not ashamed of being “in recovery,” it’s an accomplishment.

In short, what I mean what I say I am in recovery is this:

I’ve lived through some serious circumstances and come out a stronger person. The fires have left their marks, but I am fireproof! I will ask for what I need when I need it. I am not a diagnosis. I am not sick. My disability is not the center of my life. I am every bit as much a person as anyone else and I will dance myself through your community.

The Mighty is asking the following: What’s one phrase you wish people would stop saying about your (or a loved one’s) disability, disease or mental illness? Why? What should they say instead? Check out our Submit a Story page for more about our submission guidelines.