What It Means When I Turn to You for Support

It’s hard for me to get the words out when I’m having a rough time. I can be pretty vague. I don’t know who to confide in about my symptoms and feelings. I don’t want to be a bother. Some people will offer platitudes or react more than is needed. I have to trust someone to keep things confidential and hope they will not dismiss me.

I was traveling recently and started having a few breakthrough psychotic symptoms. I didn’t even want to talk to my husband about them. It just takes a lot of effort and it never seemed like a good time.

I contacted a talk line and they told me to think “positive thoughts” and that negative things happen when you think negatively. I am not sure what I was looking for; maybe some reassurance I could see how things go over the next couple of days. Whatever it was, positive thinking wasn’t helpful for me. I think it was just some of the stress of traveling because the symptoms stopped on their own.

So, if I do turn to you, it means I trust you. Not that I expect you to have all the answers. But I do need you to listen. Sometimes talking doesn’t help. Other times, I just need someone to reassure me I will get through it.

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