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My List of Demands for Depression

My depression is the bad guy in this story: the thief, the liar, the beast. It ties me to a chair and holds me in a dark room until I succumb to its wishes: to be sad, feel worthless and stay in bed all day. It forces itself into my mind, trying to control me, but the tables have turned!

I gain control of my mind, turn on depression and lock it away. As I do, I name my list of demands:

1. You will not steal my joy.

I will not let you prevent me from being happy. I will smile. I will laugh, and I will mean it.

2. You will not glue me to my bed.

I will find the strength to throw back the covers and put my feet on the floor.

3. You will not isolate me.

I will shower and do my hair. I will grab my bag and head out the door. You are not invited.

4. You will not make me binge-eat.

I will not fill the emptiness you cause with food, even though you try to force me to.

5. You will not distort my body image.

I will not allow you to replace my mirrors with those from a fun house.

6. You will not make me lose interest.

I will ignore you when you tell me that my hobbies and interests are useless. I will do them anyway.

7. You will not control my thoughts.

I will not succumb to your negativity. I will journal out my thoughts even when you try to keep them in.

8. You will not make it hard to concentrate.

I will still read. I will still write, and I will not let you distract me.

9. You will not mess up my sleep.

I will not oversleep and I will not let you keep me up all night. I will combat your fight with my sleep. I will win.

10. You will not make me irritable.

I will take deep breaths and think before I speak. I will not let you lie by telling me my loved ones are annoying when they are trying to help me.

I am the hero of this story. I tame the beast, catch the thief and don’t believe the lies. Depression tries to force itself on me, but I am stronger and force depression back to where it came from. I will not let depression impede on my life and will not let it hold me down. I have a few last words for my depression: You will not stop me!

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