What Parents of Children With Microcephaly Want You to Know

I think everyone has heard about the Zika virus by now. According to the World Health Organization, there is “scientific consensus that Zika virus is a cause of microcephaly.”

There are even commercials on the radio for a product to “protect you and your baby” from the Zika virus.

Below is a comment someone posted in a Facebook support group I’m in about a Zika virus story:

“I wonder at what point in the pregnancy the mother found out the baby would have microcephaly? Probably very early. Having the poor baby was extremely selfish on behalf of the mother.”

This is what a group on Facebook for parents of children with microcephaly want you to know:

We love our children.

We are blessed to have them! Sometimes you know your baby has it before they are born (late in pregnancy), and sometimes you don’t know until later as the child grows. Would you love your child any less after finding out when they’re older? No!

Our children are happy.

There are varying side effects, and every child is different. There is no way to predict what your child will be able to accomplish. Some are college graduates with children of their own. They do experience joy and happiness just like you and me. Remember, they’re people, too.

Comments like the ones above are like a gut punch.

People hide behind their keyboards and say whatever they want without a thought to all the parents of kids with microcephaly. It’s hurtful and just plain mean.

We are in no way selfish for having and loving our children. That’s ridiculous!

Please think before you push that post button.

Lead photo source: Thinkstock Images

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