Dubai's Sanad Card Offers Support Services to People With Disabilities

Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, is giving out support cards to those living with a disability. The Sanad Card (Arabic for “to support”) is similar to the U.S.’s disability parking placards, but comes with other services meant to benefit people with disabilities.

According to Gulf News, cardholders are entitled to free parking permits; free public transportation; free entry to the city’s parks and sports clubs; free entry to conferences, clubs, and sporting events; discounts on medical, legal and dental services, as well as discounts on government-issued fees and services.

The city hopes to be disability-friendly by 2020. Currently over 1,000 people, out of an estimated 12,000 disabled people in Dubai, have registered for the card since its release in 2015.

“People should apply for the Sanad Card so the Community Development Authority (CDA) can build a database for people with disability. The database provides decision-makers in the CDA with detailed information about the people with disabilities and their needs, which will allow the authority to develop programs and services that match their needs in the emirate of Dubai,” Huraiz Al Mur Bin Huraiz, CEO of the social care and development sector of Dubai’s Community Development Authority, told Gulf News.

People can apply for the card online, in person or through the mail. Both the card and the application process are free to disabled residents of Dubai.

We want to know, what do you think? Would you want to see a service like this in a city near you?

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