Parents, Kimberly and Brad Moore, Use Pinterest to Make Their Daughter a Wheelchair for $100

Kimberly Moore wanted to find a way to help her 1-year-old daughter, Evelyn, get around.

After being diagnosed with neuroblastoma at four months old, Evelyn became paralyzed from the arms down. Doctors told her parents the toddler would likely pull herself with her arms in an “army crawl” until age 2, at which time she would have grown enough to use a wheelchair.

But Moore, of Alberta, Canada, didn’t like that answer, so she turned to Pinterest for a solution. What she found was a DIY wheelchair fashioned from a Bumbo floor seat. Moore enlisted her husband Brad to help build their own version of the Pinterest chair for Evelyn.

It took Brad an evening to attach a secondhand Bumbo seat to a cutting board, and then rig the contraption with casters and small wheels.

Just like that, Evelyn was tooling around in her new wheels – learning how to move backwards, mastering maneuvering forward and then turning corners.

“She’s pretty fearless,” Moore told ABC News. “Now we have a speed bump in our living room because she goes that fast.”

Moore added that the makeshift wheelchair, which Evelyn has been using for about seven months, gives her daughter the same freedom and mobility as other kids her age.

“Her true person comes out when she’s in that chair,” Moore told ABC News. “She [now] has the same interactions as any other child would, being at eye level and exploring the world on the ground… That’s what she is able to do in moving around. It’s pretty exciting.”

Evelyn’s oncologist, Bev Wilson of Stollery Children’s Hospital, told Canada’s CTV News that she’d never seen anything like it. “It’s been one of the most powerful stories I’ve had to deal with in 25 years of being in this business,” Wilson said.

To top it off, Evelyn has been in remission for three months, following eight weeks of chemotherapy sessions.

“She’s been through a lot and she’s just trying to get back to what normal looks like,” her mom said.

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