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The Difference Between Self-Care and Pampering

When I say “self-care” people tend to think “pampering.” Massages, long baths, pedicures, manicures… all of those fall under the category of pampering.

But while all pampering falls under self-care, not all self-care is pampering.

Sometimes self-care is simply setting boundaries.

Self-care is learning to say “no” when you really mean “no.”

Self-care is learning to not overextend yourself.

Self-care is talking about yourself with kind words.

Self-care is being your own best advocate.

Self-care is knowing when you’ve had enough and leaving the room.

Self-care is saying yes to the brownie because it’s just a damn brownie and eating it shouldn’t feel shameful.

Self-care is making your body sweat in a way that’s fun to you.

Self-care is creating time for your hobbies and creative activities.

Self-care is ending draining relationships.

Self-care is, simply, discovering what you need and then doing what you can to make it happen.

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