When You’re Depressed and Someone Asks ‘How Are You?’

For most people, this is an easy question to answer. For those of us who struggle with mental illnesses, we just put on our masks and attempt to act “normal.” We answer your question with something like “I’m fine,” “I’m good,” or “How are you?”

Those of us who struggle with depression may be experiencing a torrent of bad thoughts we wish we go away. It’s like static or white noise. You try to tune it out, but you still hear it.

What kind of thoughts are swirling in our heads? Great question. Our depressed brain tells us, “You are worthless.” We wonder if we’ll ever be truly happy again. We feel guilty for feeling this badly.

I sometimes wish I were stronger. The pain is not physical, but it is absolutely debilitating. You may be thinking you can do something, but your brain tells says you can’t. You wonder if you will ever be happy again.

My brain is telling me, I’m not good enough. This is your own fault. You did something wrong. It’s never going to end.

To my anxious and depressed brain: You will get through this eventually. The pain can’t last for forever. You have been through worse. This is not your fault. Now, I just need to follow my own advice.

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