Why Brushing My Teeth Is a Big Accomplishment for Me

This morning I woke up, got out of bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth, fixed my hair, did my makeup, got dressed and went to work. This morning I feel accomplished.

My morning routine is probably very similar to others and may not seem like much or like an accomplishment, but for someone living in chronic pain, it’s a bigger deal than it seems.

So this morning, I woke up and got out of bed despite not receiving a good night’s sleep or feeling rested.

So this morning, I took a shower and did my best not to lie down afterward because showering is one of my more exhausting tasks of the day.

So this morning, I brushed my teeth but made sure to be gentle to ensure that I don’t irritate my nerves in my teeth so I can eat throughout the day.

So this morning, I fixed my hair and did my makeup to make sure I look presentable and well because I’m hurting and feel like I’m falling apart inside.

So this morning, I got dressed but first had to evaluate my clothing options based on where the pain was most prominent at that moment.

So this morning, I went to work even though I’m falling asleep, my pain levels are rising and all I want to do is go back and lie down in my bed.

So this morning, I feel accomplished. I pushed through the day. It wasn’t easy, but I did it and you can and will, too. You are stronger than you think, and you made it through another day despite all the pain and challenges. No matter what it is that you find difficult to do, if you push through it, it’s an accomplishment. Be proud of yourself! 

You, my dear, are a warrior and hope you never forget that.

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