Dear Autism: I Wouldn't Be Who I Am Without You

Dear autism,

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Liz, and you came into my life at the age of 3. Sometimes it felt like you held me back, but you didn’t. I graduated high school and college, and I got a job at Walgreen’s that I never thought I could get because sometimes you make things overwhelming. But it’s nothing I can’t overcome.

Sometimes you make me feel like a burden to my family and friends because there are certain skills that are hard for me to grasp. But they always remind me how they love me for me and accept me for who I am. Not to mention, autism, that you teach them something new every day.

But autism, we’ve had our cloudy days. I’ve been introduced to bullies, people who did not want to get to know who I am. They shut you down and looked at you as a weakness. But again I overcame it, and now I’m teaching people about you and how you show me the world. Most of all, I show people that you are another learning style.

Sometimes you overwhelm me if my schedule has been changed or I’m hit with bad news, but you know what? I get through my tears and move forward. I learn.

Autism, to me you are exciting, happy, overwhelming, frustrating, and you teach me the most important lessons in life. Thank you for being a piece of my puzzle I call life. I’m thankful to have you. Sometimes people ask me if I wished you away, and the truth is no, because then I wouldn’t be who I am.

Take care, autism, and I’ll see you on this amazing journey we call life.

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