Real People, Real Stories: Autism Spectrum Disorder E-Book

Whether you (or someone you love) have just received an autism diagnosis, have been a part of the autism community for a while, or simply want to learn more about autism, this book of stories is for you. This book is comprised of stories from the perspective of people on the autism spectrum as well as parents and other loved ones in the community. You’ll read powerful responses to questions like, “What does autism feel like?” and “Why is eye contact hard for you?” You’ll learn about the importance of autistic “obsessions” and the impact eating issues can have. You’ll also follow the journey of a wife and her husband after realizing he, like their daughter, is on the autism spectrum. You’ll find these stories and more in this e-book. Click below to download our free e-book. 

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The book contains the following stories:

When People Say ‘You Look Tired’ by Lamar Hardwick

Someone Asked My Son With Autism Why Eye Contact Is Hard. This Was His Answer. by Lisa Reyes

When People Wonder If My Daughter Really Has Autism by Jessica Wright

What It’s Like to Deal With Eating Issues as Someone on the Autism Spectrum by Erin Clemens

What a Meltdown Feels Like for Someone With Autism by Emma Dalmayne

When We Realized My Husband Has Autism by Jessica Offer

Autistic ‘Obsessions’ and Why We Really, Really Need Them by Chris Bonnello

My Answer to the Question ‘What Does Autism Feel Like?’ by Lori Sealy

When a Boy With Autism Asked Me What It Was Like When I ‘Had Autism’ by Amy Gravino

If the World Was Built for Me by Rhi

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