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7 Daily Reminders for People Living With Chronic Pain

If you are anything like me when I am having my rough days of flare-ups, it’s hard to pull your head out of the situation. It can seem and truly be all-consuming. Build room for love and change.

These are my daily reminders for living with chronic pain:

1. Gentle: Be gentle with yourself inside and out.

2. Rest: Allow time for rest without feeling guilty for not “doing” something. This is a hard one for me. I have to remember resting is healing the body.

3. Laughter: Laugh as much as possible. Hang with that friend who gets you and you feel comfortable with.

4. Hobby: Try a low-key hobby, something low-maintenance but still fun. Watch HBO GO. Listen to an audiobook of something you read in your childhood. Knit, take an online course or workshop, create claymation, or finger paint on your wall.

5. Apologize: If you are mean to someone because you are in excruciating, mind-searing pain, always apologize afterwards. No matter how many times. Always apologize.

6. Go outside: For just a few minutes, no excuses. Even if it’s just a drive in the car. Look at the sky and remember you are a shiny piece of stardust within this vast galaxy.

7. Forgive: Forgive those around you. Forgive your surroundings. Forgive your body, thoughts, and emotions.

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