Robyn Lambird, Athlete With Cerebral Palsy, Models in Target's Activewear Ad Campaign

Target’s latest ad campaign has an important message to share about inclusion: activewear is for everyone.

The Australian version of the major retailer’s latest catalogue features Robyn Lambird, an athlete from Perth, Australia. Lambird has cerebral palsy, which makes the muscles in her legs tight and resistant to movement. The 19-year old uses a wheelchair, but it’s not just for getting around. Lambird is a competitive wheelchair racer and is training to compete in next year’s World Championship in London.

When she isn’t training, Lambird can be found blogging about life with a disability, and now, adding to her already impressive resume, modeling. “It’s important to show people with disabilities as active in the same way it is important to show people that we can be intelligent or funny,” Lambird told The Mighty. “I think historically though, people with disabilities have been perceived as being pretty sedentary on a whole, so it’s important to challenge that and show that we can be physical and active beings too.”  









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While the ad does not appear in all Target catalogues, it is a step in the right direction for the retailer. “I think there is still work to be done in the media to see that we are adequately represented,” Lambird said. “I’d like to see it get to a point where disability is normalized and it doesn’t have to be individuals’ whole narrative. I want to see wheelchair users selling shoes in advertising. I want to see amputees playing doctors in television. More variety is needed, but things are definitely getting better.”

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