What I Want to Say to Every Loved One of Someone With Depression

First I want to mention that I am working as hard as I can to get better. Every day is challenging, and life is difficult to keep up with right now. You may or may not care, and that’s OK. But what everyone, including me, needs while going through this, is support. That’s something as easy as asking how I’m really feeling or hugging me when I’m not having a good day. Calling to check up on me and helping me push myself harder and harder. I miss spending time with you.

Being depressed sucks. 

As ineloquent as that may sound, it’s a sad truth that no one really acknowledges. We have a cure for various other illnesses, but with depression, it’s a waiting game. Some people get better, some people are stable and some aren’t. But I can tell you this much; need you to be there for me when no one else is. I need you to understand that not all days are good, and some days I won’t want to see you, but I really do need you to be there. Sometimes I will be mean and say things I don’t really mean. I hurt other people because I’m hurting inside. I ignore you because I’m afraid I’ll bother you.

Please read about depression. It might help you understand me a little better. My mental illness isn’t my fault. It’s not something I made up to get attention. It’s hurting millions of people. It is real, and it’s breaking me down.

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