When I Tell People My Wheelchair Is Sexy

When I tell people my wheelchair is sexy, they laugh. My question is, why?

People idolize cars. A Mercedes, Lamborghini or Ferrari is viewed as a symbol of success, but a wheelchair is commonly viewed as a symbol of hindrance and degradation. My goal is to change that by being “Crippled, Cocky, Confident and Cute.” It’s going to be a process, but it’s something I’m rolling for.

Why is a wheelchair viewed as a symbol of weakness? Firstly, walking is viewed as far superior to rolling. People don’t understand I feel as free and independent when my wheelchair is speeding down a block as someone who is speeding in his car and letting the wind caress his hair.

Secondly, people think a wheelchair holds its user back from doing important tasks. But I think of my wheelchair as more than a metallic object. It’s a symbol of independence. My wheelchair allows me to go to the bathroom independently, it stands up so I can reach high objects, and lastly and most importantly, it allows me to slow dance with a girl.

I’d also like to eliminate the misconception that a wheelchair holds an individual back from finding
true love. Some people believe a man or woman won’t be able to see past their wheelchair and get
to know the person in it. Instead of ignoring the wheelchair completely, I’d rather enhance it. I want to include my wheelchair as part of what makes me attractive. I think the unique life I live and the different way I think can and will be appealing towards the opposite sex. Rather than dwelling on negative past experiences, I focus on my self-confident belief that a woman will be enamored with the way I think and my approach towards my wheelchair. I may be overly-confident or stubborn, but I believe everything will work out for the best.

I believe that a wheelchair can be beautiful. It is a symbol of freedom that represents a unique lifestyle. I will not let societal norms dictate my views of what a wheelchair is supposed to represent. I will continue to fight for what I believe in, and I will continue to tell people my wheelchair is sexy!

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