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To Those Who Pity My Daughter's Condition

To those who pity my daughter with neurofibromatosis,

Dyan holding her daughter
Dyan and her daughter.

I hear your hushed voices when you don’t think I’m listening. I see you looking at my daughter with your sad stare.

I hear the pity in your voice, and the things you say swarm inside my head.

Aw, poor, sweet girl. What’s going to happen to her?

So I want to tell you now – don’t pity my daughter.

At four years old, she’s already more courageous than you and I combined.

Don’t pity my daughter, who’s already smarter than me, and better at dealing with the cold, hard reality of life.

Don’t think something’s wrong with her just because she looks different. Inside, where it counts, she’s a warrior.

Don’t think she’s not going to have a good life, or she’ll somehow be at a disadvantage, because let me tell you, this girl’s going to take on the world.

She’ll never believe she can’t do something, and she certainly won’t let anyone stand in her way.

There’s only one thing that will slow her down, and that’s your hushed voices, and your sad stares.

So put your pity away. 

Then stand back and watch her fly.