How Mariska Hargitay Helped Me Stay Safe as a Person on the Autism Spectrum

While growing up, my childhood was seemingly so innocent. Besides the imaginary monster under my bed, there wasn’t a lot I thought of to be afraid of. As I got older, I began to realize not everyone has good intentions. The monster under my bed disappeared, and I learned about the real monsters in the world. And while many people learn how to keep themselves safe from these monsters, I didn’t really pick up on the skills. I knew I was different, but I couldn’t understand what to do. How can I, as a young woman on the autism spectrum, make sure I don’t get hurt?

One day, I was looking at a website for Mariska Hargitay, an actress I’m a fan of. She has done so much work in spreading awareness of sexual assault and helping survivors heal. So when I was on the site and found a page under the resources for Harm Reduction Tips, I was thrilled!

The page included tips I had never even thought of. One tip I learned was to make sure to always watch my drink. Another one said to avoid being alone with someone who has been drinking or taking drugs, even if I know them. There was another tip which helped me understand how to trust my instincts. I learned if I feel uncomfortable, I don’t need to worry about being polite. And of course, the most important information I read was the fact that I can say “no,” but that silence does not equal “yes.”

This page finally gave me some answers I was looking for when others were not sure how to help. It can be difficult for me to read social cues. But I now have at least some concrete ideas on how to better keep myself safe. And I truly feel they have helped me get out of some situations I was uncertain of.

Thank you, Mariska Hargitay, for helping me stay safe.

Image via WikiCommons | Joella Marano from Manhattan, NYMariska Hargitay

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