A Letter to the People Who Share Their Stories on The Mighty

Dear Mighty Contributors,

Thank you.

I have been struggling with depression, anxiety, and undiagnosed ADD for more than a decade. Recently, my ADD became official when I saw my psychiatrist for the first time. I’ve also struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for at least three years now — possibly longer, as I had a very stressful childhood.

For the first time in many years of struggling, I no longer feel alone. I owe this to all of you who are brave enough to stand up for yourselves and others like you.

When I first found The Mighty, I struggled to even share a story. But I did. Then I began sharing stories daily. It has now become a routine to read the inspiring stories on here.

You have all given me courage to open up on Facebook about my mental illnesses. Now I’m writing blog posts about them. I run a mental health Instagram as well. All of this is thanks to your bravery.

As you all know, mental illnesses can make us feel alone, scared, like a burden. It can leave us in dark places only we can see. I want to thank you for giving me the courage to get help. I want to thank you for giving me the strength to inspire others myself.

I felt it was time to write a letter to those who speak out for mental health as well as disease, chronic pain, and so many others diagnoses. You are all lifesavers. You are all doing something so meaningful. You are all a blessing.

Thank you.

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