The Name of My Deadly Disorder

This deadly disorder can kill if it goes undiagnosed.

This deadly disorder, and even its treatments, can be so extreme you may not be able to participate in everyday things, e.g. work, shopping, socializing.

This deadly disorder can be treated, and mortality rates decrease with treatment — but are not eradicated.

This deadly disorder cannot often be seen.

This deadly disorder is responsible for a million deaths per year worldwide.

This deadly disorder can cause you to isolate yourself.

This deadly disorder will bring with it misconceptions, stigmas and worry — not just for the person struggling with it, but for their friends and family, too.

This deadly disorder is not contagious.

This deadly disorder is not something someone makes up.

This deadly disorder has a name…


It is time to take mental health seriously. It can kill and chooses its victims at random.

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