5 Reasons Netflix and Yoga Pants Are My 'Go To’ When Coping With Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression affect people in different ways. For me, anxiety gives me panic attacks and makes it hard to concentrate, while depression makes me doubt myself and not want to talk to anyone. There are many ways of coping out there, and some methods are more effective on different days. Lately, I have noticed how Netflix and yoga pants have been helping me, and perhaps they will help you too!

Here are some reasons why:

1. Netflix helps me have consistency.

Yes, it might sound strange, but having something playing in the background helps me focus when my anxiety is too high. Something that hurts my anxiety is when I can’t control the sensory stimulation around me. If there is too much noise, then I cannot mentally process properly. Yet, if there is no noise, then I think too much. Watching television means I can control the noise levels, and watching Netflix means I can control the content. If I feel like watching a funny sitcom, then I can do that. If I feel like watching an action movie, then I can do that too.

2. Netflix also gives me social stimulus.

Although it is not perfect, it gives me enough stimulus on the days when I am feeling what I call “deep”-pression (deep into depression). I don’t want to talk to people. I don’t want to see people, but if I am left completely alone, then I will feel worse. The stimulus keeps me in a good place for me to cope.

3. I can unplug or connect whenever I want.

If I feel like really watching and paying attention to a movie/show I can watch “Stranger Things.” If I feel like just having background noise, then I can rewatch some of my favorite shows (i.e. “New Girl” or “Friends.”)

4. Some of my favorite shows also make me feel more normal.

I know there is no such thing as “normal,” but anxiety and depression make me feel like my personality is really weird. I feel like an outsider, and I feel self-conscious. Yet, when I see characters who are “weird” like me and how much people love them, I feel better. I feel more “normal.” If I can relate to these characters who people love so much, then maybe people appreciate me, too.

5. Yoga pants can be an accomplishment.

When I get into “deep”-pression, daily tasks can be hard to do. Showering, eating, getting dressed — these kinds of things are harder when I’m feeling depressed. Changing into yoga pants might not be a huge accomplishment, but it is still an accomplishment. I remind myself on those days to celebrate even the smallest things because they are important and worth celebrating!

If you see someone using these methods, then don’t accuse them of being “lazy” or telling them to “go outside.” It might actually be helping them more than you know. Netflix and yoga pants give me a sense of control and freedom. It might not be the most typical or most “refined” go-to, but maybe they’ll help you too!

So here’s to days in!

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