How Writing Is Helping Me Through Depression

I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for about seven to eight months now.

To a lot of people that doesn’t seem like a very long time, but for anyone who understands, you know it feels like forever. I’ve been through so many different methods of trying to cope, and it took me forever to find the one for me.

We tried things like exercise, painting, and even geo-tracking. Just a bunch of activities other people said had helped them. But then one night whenever I was at my confirmation class, it hit me.

That night we had been told to write down the three things that were burdening us and give it up to God. And honestly at first I thought it was kind of a silly idea. But once I did it, I actually felt like me writing it down made me feel better. That was when I realized I had found my coping method: writing!

From that point on I’ve written in my confirmation book because I believe that me writing things to God has helped so much. Even if the religious aspect isn’t your thing, I still encourage you to try and write. It’s a way of getting all my emotions out and expressing myself.

I believe writing is saving me.

Don’t give up on finding a coping method. There’s one out there for everyone.

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