A Poem for Those Who Feel Like They Are Their Depression

Here’s a poem about depression I wrote that hopefully will help you feel like you are not your depression:

I am told I have depression,

It sure feels like regression

Instead of progression.

Like I’ve relapsed,

And I’m back at square one.

This does not hold truth,

Because each time I beat an episode,

I am progressing…


I am like a garden

With newly planted seeds.

And each day the gardener

Comes to attend to my needs.

Getting rid of pests and weeds.

Nutrition, sunlight, water

All come to me with ease.

My roots are firm and very deep.

My stem starts to creep,

Breaking through the soil

I start to uncoil.


But then,

My gardener decides to stop being loyal.


I am told I have depression

It sure feels like regression

Instead of progression.

The sun doesn’t come out for days,

I am in a total haze.

I would like to set myself ablaze.

I guess one of these days

I’ll see the sun’s rays.


I am told I have depression

It sure feels like regression

Instead of progression.


One day,

My gardener comes back and tells me

This was all just a digression.

And that her loyalty is not to be in question.


So I have a confession —

I am not my depression.


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