100 Thank You’s From a Woman With a Mental Illness

Living with a mental illness often makes me feel completely alone and misunderstood, like I am the only person who has ever and will ever feel like this. In reality, millions of people live every day with mental illnesses. Many of these people have no support system they can lean on and who are truly alone.

I am beyond grateful to be surrounded and supported by people who may not understand what I am going through, but love me all the same. These people are affected in different ways by my mental illness, but they are constantly there for me when I need them and even when I think I don’t. These people have kept me grounded, kept me strong and have kept me fighting. This blog is for them, 100 thank you’s could never express how much I love and cherish you all.

1. Thank you to those who love me without judgment.

2. Thank you to those who are not afraid to ask questions instead of making assumptions.

3. Thank you to those who have offered their support.

4. Thank you to those who have managed my medications.

5. Thank you to those who have made me want to prove them wrong.

6. Thank you to the friends who check in on me.

7. Thank you to those who have shared a knowing glance.

8. Thank you to those who don’t fully understand but don’t question my experience.

9. Thank you for the friends who don’t treat me differently.

10. Thank you to the people who have offered me a safe place to stay.

11. Thank you to those who have made referrals.

12. Thank you to those who have reassured my fears.

13. Thank you to the people who have shared their own experiences.

14. Thank you to the person who introduced Yoga Nedra to me.

15. Thank you to those who taught me throughout my degree, for now I have a deeper, all encompassing perspective.

16. Thank you to those who have been patient.

17. Thank you to those who have forgiven me.

18. Thank you for standing your ground and tell me what you need.

19. Thank you to those friends who are understanding when I cancel plans.

20. Thank you to those who see I am not only my diagnoses.

21. Thank you to those who attend groups with me.

22. Thank you to the person who understood my difficult choice to not attend a special party.

23. Thank you to Jenna Marbles for making me laugh at least once a week.

24. Thank you to those who share your fears, your triumphs, your failures and your stories with me.

25. Thank you to those who are honest with me.

26. Thank you to those who put words to my thoughts, words I could never put together myself.

27. Thank you to those who write books to help families, partners and individuals.

28. Thank you to the people who encourage me to speak and share my story.

29. Thank you to the person who stays rational when I’m unable to.

30. Thank you to the person who sends me cute messages and pictures to brighten my day.

31. Thank you to the person who texts me reminding me how strong I am.

32. Thank you to those who read my blog.

33. Thank you to the person who is my practice audience and gives me the confidence and bravery I need to post what I do.

34. Thank you to the person who engages me in conversations about my educational background, my current experiences and how they are together.

35. Thank you for all the puppy kisses and cuddles.

36. Thank you for letting me stay in my old room when needed.

37. Thank you to those who give me space.

38. Thank you to those who push back when I try to push them away.

39. Thank you for sitting in silence without expectation.

40. Thank you for my heating pads that warms me while I hold on to it for dear life.

41. Thank you to the people who check in regularly without fail just to let me know they care.

42. Thank you for listening, even when I don’t have the words.

43. Thank you for playing with my hair as the world crashes around me.

44. Thank you for letting me use your baths to relax.

45. Thank you to those who say it all with a long hug.

46. Thank you to those you have conversations about anything other than my mental health.

47. Thank you to those who are genuinely interested in my treatment plan.

48. Thank you to my Canon PowerShot for forcing me to slow down, experience and appreciate the beauty around me.

49. Thank you to those who have reached out from far away to remind me I’m loved.

50. Thank you to the people who remind me to take care of myself.

51. Thank you to those who continue to remind me of my accomplishments.

52. Thank you to everyone who gives me bath bombs.

53. Thank you to those who genuinely try to make me feel understood and less alone.

54. Thank you to nature for allowing me to calm myself in your presence.

55. Thank you to music for matching every emotion with amazing lyrics.

56. Thank you to Dollarama for having such cheap things to paint and color.

57. Thank you to the deers who live their life as if I’m not staring at them from the deck.

58. Thank you for going and picking rocks and shells with me.

59. Thank you to my grandfathers who passed down their love for photography to me.

60. Thank you to the hospital nurses for making that experience as “normal” as possible.

61. Thank you to the counselors who continue to listen to my anxieties, fears and misperceptions.

62. Thank you to Hoopla for free audiobooks on meditation, yoga and mental health.

63. Thank you to the person who knows what’s going on without me saying anything.

64. Thank you to the person who reminds me to ask for patience, tolerance and understanding.

65. Thank you to those who call me on my lies and excuses.

66. Thank you to those who keep me accountable.

67. Thank you to my pillow for soaking in an unimaginable amount of tears.

68. Thank you to mint oil and Vicks rub for soothing my aches and slowing my breath.

69. Thank you to Nans for his amazing ability to know what I need, when I need it and for putting up with my obsessive clinginess.

70. Thank you to the autumn colors for reminding me that we can always shed and start fresh.

71. Thank you for the most perfect worry stone.

72. Thank you to those who color and paint with me.

73. Thank you Netflix for the distraction.

74. Thank you Wi-Fi and Apple for FaceTime so people don’t feel so far away.

75. Thank you for making the hardest decision for me when I was unable to make it.

76. Thank you to “Special Soup” when I have no appetite.

77. Thank you for listening to my sobs when words cannot come out.

78. Thank you to the rhythm of the ocean waves.

79. Thank you to Sharpie for making amazing, bright and colorful markers for me to color with.

80. Thank you to those who have welcomed me into their family.

81. Thank you to those who do not baby me, even when it may be the easiest course of action.

82. Thank you for the phone calls that make me feel closer.

83. Thank you to our wood stove that warms me, soothes me and comforts me.

84. Thank you to the person who wants to be involved and continues to show me that.

85. Thank you for questioning me when you have concerns.

86. Thank you to the hammock that rocks me back and forth as I listen to music and stare at the sky day dreaming.

87. Thank you to the person who reminded me that 1,700km doesn’t change our stories’ similarities and your love for me.

88. Thank you Button Poetry for hours of inspirational content.

89. Thank you to the person who allows me to vent to them and trusts me enough to vent in return.

90. Thank you to the rain, your pitter-patter is sometimes the only thing that can quiet my own thoughts.

91. Thank you to Vancouver Island Mental Health and Addictions for your amazing groups and knowledgeable staff.

92. Thank you to those who have faith in me.

93. Thank you to those who fight for me when I am unable to.

94. Thank you to those who are strong enough to listen to my heart instead of listening to my words.

95. Thank you to the wildlife and nature surrounding me for reminding me that, if I look for it, there is beauty all around me.

96. Thank you for making me feel safe and heard.

97. Thank you for being honest about when you are feeling frustrated with me and my mental illness.

98. Thank you to my truck for allowing me the illusion of escaping as I drive aimlessly.

99. Thank you to sweat pants and my boyfriend’s t-shirts. You keep me cozy even when I’m uncomfortable in my own skin.

100. Thank you to me, for continuing to fight to be healthy and happy. For continuing to be vulnerable in sharing my story. For learning how to ask for help. For remembering I am loved and worthy of it.

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