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My Mental Health PSA: We Can All Be OK

Mental health is something I don’t take lightly. I was diagnosed with depression back when I was 14. I’d blamed my parents for holding me back, when, in all reality, it was my own doing. I allowed people to take over how I felt, how I acted, and what I believed.

Nine years later, I’m aiming to graduate from college, but still battling depression. I had recently went through a rough breakup, which didn’t help much, and I had (and still have) massive anxiety over this final semester of school. (Perfectionism sucks, guys.)

The video below is a mental health PSA/personal glimpse of how I feel when the world is overwhelming (which is daily). Despite the depression, there are little things in the world that make me happy, including music, drawing, and my closest friends.

Despite the depression, I am OK.

We can all be OK.

Disclaimer: This video contains language some may consider strong.

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