Dear Target, Thank You for Featuring My Son With Down Syndrome in Your Toy Book

Dear Target,

When my son Ronin was born with Down syndrome two years ago, we were shocked and scared but also saddened — not by the fact he had Down syndrome but by how we knew society would view him. What would his future be like?

I never imagined in my wildest dreams my son would be featured in your advertisement three times, with the latest being in your annual toy book. You chose to feature two children with Down syndrome and one child in a wheelchair in this year’s toy book, and it’s freaking awesome!

little boy with down syndrome in target's toy book

When I think of inclusion, I think of you. Thank you. By featuring my son in your advertising, you are showing society that all people matter and all people should be treated like everyone else. And in my case, I can show the world that Down syndrome isn’t scary, the possibilities are endless, and most importantly my son and our family are not suffering. Ronin is the blessing I never knew I needed. How did I get so lucky?

little boy playing with dad

So cheers to you, Target, for leading the way in this important mission. I hope many more companies and most importantly people will make inclusion happen and make it stay!


Ronin’s Mom

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