3 Questions for Caregivers of People on the Autism Spectrum

Dear parents and caregivers of people on the autism spectrum,

I’ve written my share of articles and stories, and even a book as someone on the spectrum myself. Some articles were explaining why I have issues with certain things. Others would describe how I’ve learned to cope and what has helped me to grow. And these stories are important to me. But a good friend of mine helped me realize the other day that all of these writings are one-sided. They are only about what I want to say. And in order to make a difference, there needs to be a conversation — and conversations need to have an exchange of ideas, not just my own.

So I want to hear from you. I want to ask questions. I may not always be able to understand the answers, but I’d like to at least hear what you have to say. Some (but not all) of my questions include:

1. Do you feel like you are being heard? Or do you feel like no one is listening?

2. What can I do that would be most helpful to you?

3. What else do you want to say?

I want to open the door for a conversation. I cannot speak for anyone else. However, I personally want you to feel as though you are allowed to share your thoughts and opinions. Because I know how important that is for me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Erin Clemens, an adult on the autism spectrum

Image via Peter Brown.

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