Tuning Out the Voices of Depression and Anxiety

I know you are struggling, and you can’t seem to find your voice. I know the voices inside your head are louder and fiercer than any voice you’ve heard. I know you are struggling to get these voices out, and I know you are struggling to reach out for some help. I know you are fighting a battle you think cannot be won.

You are fighting the depression that consumes you, and the anxiety that controls so much of your life. I know this because I have been there. I have been to the depths of the depression and the all-consuming anxiety. I have been there, and sometimes, I am still there.

Each time you find your voice, each time you stand up and ask for support, you are showing these thoughts that you are brave and you are worthy. You are braver than anyone I know, and you are stronger than anyone could possibly imagine.

Don’t listen to the voices that put you down. Don’t believe them when they say you’re not good enough, smart enough or worthy enough. They are wrong.

You are all of these things, plus so much more. You are compassionate and understanding. You care more about anyone else more than you even care for yourself. You may be fighting these thoughts inside your head, but each time you reach out, each time you reach out for support, you are beating them. You are showing them your worth.

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