Why I Love Traveling the World as Someone on the Autism Spectrum

I am on the autism spectrum and have always loved traveling. When I was a little boy, my first time on a plane was flying to Disney World with my father.

Traveling on the autism spectrum may be easy for some individuals with autism and difficult for others. Some may be scared of traveling, flying, bus rides, trains, etc. For me, traveling at such a young age gave me the experience I needed in case I ever wanted or needed to travel when I got older. Now that I’m in my 20’s and have extra money to do it, I love to travel.

I’ve been everywhere. I went to Disney World a few times, including a visit there with my buddy in 2015. I’ve taken bus trips to New York City. I went to Las Vegas, where I saw Shania Twain, which was the greatest moment of my life. I hope to visit many more places as I get older, including a few visits to California, back to Vegas a few more times, and many more states in the US. I’d even like to take a trip to Canada, as a lot of people I admire in the entertainment business are from Canada. I’m proud of how many places I’ve been to in only 25 years — including one trip overseas.

To all of you on the autism spectrum who are afraid of traveling or want to travel, don’t be afraid. Sometimes it’s hard because of the sensory overload, but I take deep breaths, stay calm, and don’t panic when under pressure. I go to bed at my usual time and make sure to have downtime when needed.

I recommend picking destinations based on your interests. My choices are based on pop culture, sports, Disney parks and other major tourist attractions. I pick places to eat where I know I will like something they have on the menu.

I’m so glad I was able to start traveling at such a young age. I can even travel without the support of someone. When I went to Vegas, I navigated my mom and I through the airport because she didn’t know how to do it. That made me proud.

Traveling to other places is a privilege, and really exciting to do. I believe it’s important to get out there and travel the world while you can. I’m grateful to travel any chance I get.

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