Kids With Autism Turn 'Obsessions' Into Brilliant Halloween Costumes

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When I Realized My Daughter on the Spectrum May Mask How She's Feeling

My daughter was diagnosed with autism when she was 9 years old. I’ve learned the way my daughter acts and the way she is feeling do not always match. She can be extremely good at hiding and concealing how she is feeling in public, often, I presume, in order to fit in. Prior to my [...]

Our Routine That Helps Socks Feel ‘Just Right’ for My Son With Sensory Sensitivities

Stepping into the bedroom, I am hit by a tornado of socks, clothes, and shoes. The drawers pulled out, the chaos on the floor… “Kai, what’s wrong?” I ask my son. With clenched teeth, he replies, “None of my socks fit. I don’t know why we have to wear silly school socks!” Taking a deep [...]
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Finding My Own 'Planet' After Receiving My Autism Diagnosis

Who am I? That book “Tuesday,” how could it be called Tuesday when it was in fact Monday? It really annoyed me because it wasn’t accurate. The pictures in the book were equally annoying as they showed pictures of frogs flying. Frogs don’t fly, right? I was having an autism assessment to try to finally [...]
Illustration of two women holding a boy's hands as they walk

When My Mom Had the Best Response to My Son’s Autism Diagnosis

When you tell someone your child has autism, the reaction can sometimes make things awkward. The response might be, “Oh yeah, my sister’s best friend’s little sister does, too.” Or it might include a story about autism that is full of stereotypes. Or my even less preferred reaction, a look of profound anxiety with no [...]