8 Videos I Used to Explain and Better Understand My Depression and Anxiety

When I was first diagnosed with anxiety and depressive disorders, I felt no one understood me. Sometimes, the best explaining isn’t done by you, but by someone else. These are the videos that helped me and my friends and family understand it all.

1. Living With Depression– CallMeKat

This videos depicts depression better than anything else and shows depression in its reality.

2. Alone – superkian13 (Kian Lawley)

Kian Lawley does a great job at describing the difference between having anxiety and being afraid. He explains how it feels and how it took away many years of his life as a teen. He also explains how he got help to manage his anxiety.

3. What It’s Like Living With Depression – BuzzFeedYellow

This video wonderfully puts depression into perspective. It nails the voices in your head and how hard it actually is to get rid of depression.

4. What Having Anxiety Feels Like – Meghan Rienks

My favorite part of this video is showing what concealed anxiety looks like.

5. Social Anxiety Disorder: A Devastating Look Inside The Minds of Social Anxiety Disorder Sufferers – Chris Glorioso

Social anxiety is hard to understand, but this really opens the mind of a socially anxious person.

6. A Virtual Panic Attack – SoulPancake

This is another well done video. It describes anxiety simply. Yet, it also describes the severity of it.

7. Living With A Mental Disorder – BuzzFeedVideo

I love that this video describes more than one mental illness. The drawings also help.

8. Cuts That Spell – Dickie

This video just brings a smile to my face, oddly. The dancing is beautiful, yet the words are so true and powerful.


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