10 Reasons People With Psoriatic Arthritis Would Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Thank heaven for AMC and “The Walking Dead!” Every Sunday during its season, I feel less and less alone. Why?

10. Many patients have loads of food allergies. A lot of us already survive on nuts, greens and twigs. We won’t be out looking for saltines and giant cans of chocolate pudding because we are allergic to them. Like my husband says: “I’ll eat the pizza, you can eat the cardboard box.”

9. As chronically ill patients and patient advocates, we are ahead of our game, paving the way, instead of following the crowd. Ingenuity is a terrific survival skill.

8. As victims of devastating fatigue, we are used to skipping a shower once in a while.

7. Because we have a tendency to have painsomnia, we are cool with hunting at night.

6. Unlimited stores of prednisone and methotrexate in abandoned pharmacies will keep us going for a long time. None of the other living humans will want these.

5. Due to a less plentiful supply of processed foods, we will be grateful to finally lose weight on prednisone.

4. Our psoriasis, flakes, plaques and lesions can provide camouflage.

3. After a night or two without sleep due to painsomnia, we can be as inarticulate as the zombies, blending right in.

2. Our popping, cracking joints, coupled with hyperflexible tendons, sometimes have us shuffling and tripping along like zombies.

1. After compiling this list, I realize psoriatic arthritis and other chronically ill patients are already like the “walking dead” and we are already surviving!

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