29 Reasons to Stick to the Mental Health Treatment Plan That's Working for You

Like many young people managing and balancing mental health issues, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to accept I have to live a completely different lifestyle than I enjoyed pre-diagnosis. Now, I have to take a mixture of medication for literally the rest of my life. This cocktail of medicine is absolutely sacred, and it’s not the kind of cocktail I thought I would be having in my 20s. I’ve made the decision to stop taking it more than once. Each time, the consequences have been harsh.

If you’re someone who’s been able to manage deep struggles without medication but rather sleep patterns, sunshine and diets of the mind, then I’m thrilled for you. Those activities can be hard to commit to, especially when our minds and our ability and willingness to commit are malfunctioning. For some of us, our fierceness depends on medication going hand in hand with healthy habits.

Perhaps, today you need some motivation to keep on kicking butt in your way. So here’s a list of 29 reasons:

1. Remember how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are now? Keep it up!

2. This is the best way to stay on top.

3. This is the best way to remember you’re the overseer of your own self.

4. This isn’t just some regimen. It’s your path to wellness, peace and maximizing your potential.

5. You love yourself.

6. You love someone else.

7. Someone else loves you, too.

8. If you would want the person who matters most to you to do this in the same situation, then you know it’s the right choice.

9. It feels so good to be proud of yourself.

10. Frankly, this stuff probably keeps you alive.

11. Think of all of the amazing things your tough face and healthy habits allow you to do.

12. Someone, somewhere, needs you.

13. Odds are, to stray would somehow affect your grades/paycheck.

14. I really want you to!

15. We’re all in this together. Everyone is rooting for you!

16. The less trips to the hospital, the better.

17. It’s always nice to see a smile on your clinician’s face.

18. The more you take care of yourself, the more you get to laugh.

19. This way, you know you’re honestly doing everything you can.

20. You get to relax knowing at least that much.

21. If you take medication, then actually taking it is probably the number one way to avoid withdrawals. (Been there, friend.)

22. Most people don’t get to say they keep happiness in a bottle at their house!

23. Your salt lamp and/or music is super pretty. Turn it on.

24. It means you’d have done at least one thing on your to-do list, even if it’s only one. (And one is pretty great!)

25. If your pets could speak, they’d tell you to keep doing your thang!

26. Your habits, medication and general mental health ass kicking maximizes your talents.

27. Wellness isn’t as boring as you’re thinking it is. Remember the mood swings? They weren’t as much “fun” as most other roller coasters. They were more so “consuming.”

28. Another day without frantically calling your psychiatrist! (Which isn’t a bad thing to do when you need it! It’s just nice to not need it.)

29. Perhaps, most importantly, mental illness has robbed you of enough already. Don’t you think?

Here’s to wishing you gentle self-care and some ass-kicking fierceness!

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