5 Things People Say When They Don't Understand Depression

1. “So, are you just sad?” – I find it hard to not get angry with people who say things like this to me, even though I know it isn’t their fault. People just simply aren’t educated on mental health. So, to all the people who ask me this question, no, I’m not just sad. I’m not sad because that would require feeling something, which I don’t. I am completely numb.

2. “I think I’m depressed sometimes because I don’t feel as happy as usual.” – I hate telling people they aren’t depressed, as my own illness was overlooked for three years before someone helped me, but just because you aren’t in a constant state of happiness doesn’t mean you’re depressed.

3. “Smile.” – The only reason this one annoys me is because all it does is hide my condition. Why should I pretend to be OK to make you feel better? I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of my illness, and I am definitely not going to pretend it isn’t there for your sake.

4. “You should get off all those pills.” – What? You mean the pills that saved my life? Why would I want to stop taking medication that is making me feel more and more like a normal person every day? My pills are the reason I am still alive, the reason I am able to write this.

5. “Everybody has a bad day now and then.” – Your bad day is my good day. Every day is a bad day for me. The good days are just ones that are bearable, not enjoyable.

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