"Aspergers Are Us" Documentary Is Available on iTunes and Coming to Netflix

Comedians Jack Hanke, New Michael Ingemi, Ethan Finlan and Noah Britton have grown accustomed to performing in front of audiences, but the spotlight is about to get a lot larger for the members of the “Aspergers Are Us” comedy troupe.

“Aspergers Are Us” first made headlines in 2011 as the first comedy troupe comprised entirely of men on the autism spectrum. Now the troupe is the subject of a new documentary, also titled “Aspergers Are Us,” which was released on iTunes this week and will be available for streaming on Netflix in December.

“I had come across an article about [‘Aspergers Are Us’] and I loved everything about them,” director Alex Lehmann told The Mighty. “Their energy, their sense of humor, everything drew me in. Their troupe defied my preconceptions of autism, which meant I could make a movie where I was asking a question instead of presenting an answer.”

The documentary follows the four friends, who met at summer camp when they were younger, as they prepare for their final show together as “Aspergers Are Us.”

“[W]e hope people become interested in us as comedians and want to see us be funny on stage,” Britton said. “Much less importantly, we hope people stop tokenizing Aspies and see us as a legitimate comedy troupe.”

“I was really drawn in by the high level of integrity of the boys,” Mark Duplass, the film’s producer, said. “They truly want to be judged on their own merits. They don’t want any pity. I find them to be not only funny, but forthright and honest in a way that I don’t often see in the world today.”

Those interested in “Aspergers Are Us” can purchase the documentary on iTunes or Amazon

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