A Holiday Gift Guide for Your Loved Ones With Depression

Holidays can be hard for those of us struggling with mental illness. For me, I often feel guilty accepting gifts or asking for gifts, because I feel as though I do not deserve anything. I’ve put together a gift guide for those of you looking to purchase gifts for your friend or loved one struggling this holiday season.

So Worth Loving Pillow — $35

To Write Love On Her Arms 2017 Calendar — $22

Wear Your Label “It’s OK Not To Be OK” Tee — $39.50

Link Of Hearts “You’re a Gem” Healing Bracelet — $24

Hello Happiness Card Company Mini Encouragement Cards — $10

Every Ella “You Matter” Tee — $32

To Write Love On Her Arms “You Are Enough” Necklace — $35

Natural Life Happy Box — $45

From Amazon

“It’s Gonna Be OK” Journal — $10.68

“You Are a Badass” Book — $9.60

Inspirational Coloring Book — $8.29

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