People Are Protesting an Unaired Episode of Dr. Phil Saying It Exploits Actress Shelley Duvall

People on social media are calling out Dr. Phil, saying his show exploits mental illness, for an episode airing Nov. 18 featuring actress Shelly Duvall.

Duvall, 67, known for her roles in “Popeye” and “The Shining,” sat down with Dr. Phil to discuss her undisclosed mental illness after decades out of the media spotlight. In a clip shared by the television show, Duvall mentions she is concerned there is a disc implanted in her leg; she has seen the late Robin William, who she says is now a shapeshifter, and believes she is being threatened by the fictional sheriff from “Robin Hood.” Duvall also told Dr. Phil, “I’m very sick. I need help.”

Ahead of the episode’s airdate, people are speaking out on social media, asking Dr. Phil and those involved with his show not to air the episode.

Among those speaking out is Vivian Kubrick, the daughter of “The Shining” director Stanley Kubrick. In a letter shared on Twitter, Kubrick wrote, “You are putting Shelly Duvall ‘on show’ while she is suffering from a pitiable state of ill health. Unquestionably, this is purely a form of lurid and exploitative entertainment — it’s appallingly cruel.”




Kubrick closes the letter asking others to join her in boycotting the show, “I recoil in complete disgust. I hope others will join me in boycotting your utterly heartless form of entertainment, because it has nothing to do with compassionate healing.”

Is Dr. Phil exploiting Shelley Duvall and her mental illness? Let us know in the comments below. 

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