Why I Love Sunrises and Sunsets as Someone With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Something I get a lot when I explain my condition is, “Wow, I don’t know how you do it…” But I don’t have a choice. I have to do it.

It would be really cool if I didn’t have to do it, but I do. With a disease like Ehlers-Danlos syndrome it is really easy to focus on the bad stuff. It’s easy to focus on how every day is a different battle and none of them are easy. On how I’m exhausted all the time. On the fact that my body betrays me everyday but it’s invisible so not many people understand or even believe I’m not as healthy as I look. And it’s easy to get caught up in the fact that there is no cure for this. At any point on any day you could walk up and ask me what hurts and I could point to at least a few places.

It’s easy to fall victim to this disease, but I’ve never been one to take the easy route. I have no choice in how EDS affects my body, but I have complete control over my attitude and outlook on life.

My body may suck, but life is amazing.

I have an incredible family, friends and boyfriend that support me, love me, go to doctor appointments with me and cheer me on in anything I do. I live in a beautiful city and travel to amazing places, so what excuse do I have to be anything less than ecstatic that I get to live this life?

This condition has taught me that there is no point in looking at the bad — it will always be there, no matter what. Instead, I look for the good.

I guess that’s why I love sunsets and sunrises so much. No matter how bad of a day it was or how bad I feel, there is a beautiful ending and a beautiful beginning to every day. There’s always something better to focus on that outshines the bad. EDS not only affects my body, but it has forced me to change how I think and look at life.

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