My Autism Inspires Me to Help Others on the Autism Spectrum

I recently got a position with my local autism agency. This is the agency I first turned to when I found out they ran an Asperger’s social group. After having gotten to know the executive director and learning about the philosophy of the organization, I knew it was one I wanted to become a part of.

I finished training this week. I’m going to be working with children in an after-school program one day a week. I’ve already met some of those with whom I will be working, and I already feel at home. They are so friendly and welcoming. I can say the same about my fellow staff. Overall I get a great vibe from them.

I feel that I’m using my own natural talents to help others on the spectrum. I believe I was created to be who I am for a reason, and that is to show others their many gifts. I want to show others it’s OK to have a different operating system.

What I really like about this organization is that they celebrate autistics for who they are. They embrace their skills and talents, such as creativity and acting abilities. It feels great to be both a part of the team and a part of the community they serve. I’m like a bridge, so to speak.

I know what it’s like to be autistic, and I can use that to understand the people with whom I work and to connect with them on a special level.

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