To Any Child Struggling With Mental Illness

I get it. I was a child struggling with mental illness, and I still am one. You are not alone. That is something you must remember. I know you are likely confused and scared and searching for answers, because I was the same way. Some of you may have a diagnosis, and some of you may not. It’s OK. No matter what, I promise it is OK.

When I was in middle school, I experienced severe bullying that brought on my depression. I was only 10 years old when I first heard the negative, hateful comments from my friends that still swarm around my head like locusts to this day. Don’t let that happen to you. Fight the voices. Stand up for yourself. Teach others how to be good human beings. Lead by example. I know, you are young, but you can still do great things.

Tell someone about what you are struggling with. Have the courage to stand up and get help. You can do amazing things, including facing your mental illness and working past it. You can’t face it alone, without any equipment to fight with. Urge your family to take you to see a therapist, speak to a school counselor. I know it is scary. I was in the same boat once, but I believe this can be the best way to work past the pain of mental illness.

Remember, always remember, that you are a fantastic, amazing human being with powers beyond your imagination. You can do this. Always stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

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